The Festa dos Tabuleiros is one of the oldest and largest festivals in Portugal. It takes place every four years in July in Tomar.In this occasion, the local population parades in pairs with the girls carrying tabuleiros on their heads.


Recounting the Tabuleiros party

  • editorial
  • graphic design
  • 2020
  • Politecnico de Tomar


The book recounts the preparation of the festival by its inhabitants, focusing on the details that made the history of the festival. From here, the name "400g" that is the weight of each loaf of bread that the tomar girls carry on their heads during the procession. The book is sold in the industrial flour packaging for its symbolic, perceptive and environmental value. The flour packaging reminds of the loaves, the main element of the Tabuleiro. The feeling of the kraft packaging refers to the popular markets. It’s genuine, simple. The stamp was used as a medium of communication because of its perceptive link with tradition and its cheapness. It can be applied to different surfaces without adapting its shape to the different supports.