The project premises were defined on the basis of interviews and conversations with artisans and residents of the neighborhood with the aim of carrying out an intervention that responded to actual needs and concrete dynamics.

Through the promotion of handicrafts, the old beating heart of the neighborhood, El Born can be rediscovered by its residents. In this way, artisans start a year-round distributed trade and are no longer solely dependent on tourism. On the other hand, tourists experience a different, more sustainable travel experience that is integrated into the neighborhood system.

Da forma a tu Barrio

A new narrative for El Born

  • editorial
  • graphic design
  • 2021
  • Politecnico di Torino
  • with Lorenzo Zappia
    & Stefano Zappia


The thesis investigates the perception of the craft district of El Born (Barcelona) in order to devise strategies to counter the negative consequences related to mass tourism. Due to rising rents, the city's most touristy neighborhoods, such as El Born, are being abandoned by their citizens. A conversion of businesses ensues, with a massive closure of small neighborhood stores. The neighborhood loses its livability and becomes dipendent to the tourist industry. How to push residents to requent the streets of el born again?
The research is then applied to design a communication strategy “Da forma a tu Barrio” and ‘Hecho’, a platform that redefines the image of the neighborhood and its craft workshops.