A digital basketball court

  • web design
  • UI design
  • branding
  • video & motion
  • 2022
  • Politecnico di Milano
  • with Stefano Gubiolo
    Andrea Corsini
    Simone Cerea
    Barbara Mazzina
    Donato Martucci
    Claudia Martinazzo


We were asked to design an app to promote social dynamics in the post-pandemic era. We believe that street play empowers communities and it is fundamental in the valorization of urban spaces.
Pivó is a virtual square that gives street basketball players a space in which to get to know and engage with each other. The app combines tools for organizing games, sharing life on the court, and discussing about basketball.
We took care of the App UI-UX, the design System, the branding and tone of voice of the platform.